Podcast creator, humorist, thoughtful human.


I love you so, so much.

Here's some of the many things that I'm into...

Thoughtful humans, being a Dad, donkeys with theme songs, the Pacific Northwest, brilliant women, unsafe water parks, politics, Eggs Benedict, empathy and humility, laughing so hard I tear up, clean Nike kicks, non-fiction books, all things Margot Robbie (especially Harley Quinn), Spicy Salmon Rolls, big hugs, small boats, long walks with my racquet-ball (who is also named Bob to avoid confusion), nerdy magazines, David Letterman everything, majestic trees of all sizes, warm beaches, real tacos, deep philosophers, super dope beats, The Teen Titans, Mezcal with the worm, PTI, world history, after-parties, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, Tijuana, fresh fruit with Tajin, well-written scripts, Star Wars, Morning Joe and Morning Mika, mental health advocacy, random yet poignant quotes, any and all babies, Seagulls, learning Spanish, bringing the SuperSonics back to the NBA, even more politics, new tattoos, Michele Wolf, Killer Whales, filling notebooks, fried chicken, Washington State University, Homeland, college hoops, the entire state of Rhode Island, yoga with Adriene, fighting for human rights and criminal justice reform, Brockmire, local cannabis, Irish Whiskey, spontaneous celebrations, The Karate Kid and Rocky, saving the earth, Americanized ala carte Buddhism for the bipolar, and reading the latest Cosmo on airplanes.

And some things I'm not into...

President Trump and Vice Pastor Pence, roller coasters, golf culture, airplane seats, precious metals, eels, snakes, narcissists, impatient travelers, bad poetry, Fox News, Tinder, selfies, large spiders, dentists, not having a girl to have a crush on, scary movies, hard or even soft seltzers, Puritanical values, and RACISM, SEXISM, HOMOPHOBIA, MATERIALISM, CONSUMERISM, BULLIES, BLOWHARDS and HYPOCRITES.

And my personal religious philosophy is pretty straight forward...

I’m 1% Rasta (the weed part), 50% Agnostic, 31% Buddhist, 1% Methodist, and 17% Jedi. Which makes me a RASTAGNOBUDMEDI. 


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